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Let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Is all the info I provide confidential?

Every piece of information you give us is a confidential one. We do not share or sell the numbers of your accounts, your email address, personal data like name or anything else you have told us! We know that you trust us. We do not cheat on our clients and rip them off! Confidentiality is above all in CustomWriting.

Who is going to complete my custom paper?

This is the most frequent question we always encounter. There is no wonder that you are worried about the quality of your paper and the qualifications and educational background of the writer. Every writer that works in our company have graduated from one of the top-notch English universities and has got MBA or Ph.D. Do not worry about the quality of the paper, its structure, spelling, grammar and style peculiarities. We are picky while selecting the writer for the company. That is why the results are always unsurpassed and usually do not need much revision.

What about plagiarism in the papers?

As far as you know, the topics you are assigned with at colleges and schools are not new and were studied by some scientists and other people before. But still it does not mean that there is no way to make your paper an authentic one. All the writers are talented and trained professionals with a wide range of knowledge in different subjects. That is why all the completed orders will be checked several times through diverse plagiarism programs targeted at detecting and elimination all the instances of plagiarized excerpts from the already existing works and surveys. Without any hesitation, your paper will meet all the requirements and will be free from any copied paragraphs.